Charity Assembly

On of our parents, Mr Tosh, came to our whole school assembly to talk to the children about the water aid project run by Samaritan’s Purse, one of the charities we are supporting this year. Money from fundraising and donations for the charity’s water, sanitation and hygiene projects gives safe water to children, families and communities in the world’s poorest nations.

One of the aims of the charity is to raise enough money for families to have a water filter in their homes or village, to filter the dirty water from the rivers in order to make it safe for drinking.  The filter that the charity is raising money for is called a Biosand water filter. When dirty water is poured into the top, the dirt and nasty bugs are removed using biologically active sand which traps and eats the wicked water bugs! The clean water then comes out of the pipe on the side- ready to drink!  Mr Tosh demonstrated the difference between unfiltered and filtered water with water bottles, and had two teams asking true or false questions.

This was an eye-opening assembly for our pupils, and was followed by the annual charity netball match between staff and pupils.