Senior House Breakfasts

A new initiative that started this half term was the House Breakfast that was to be enjoyed by each senior year group on Monday mornings.  The purpose of the House Breakfast is to allow pupils to build positive relationships with their peers and key pastoral staff, as well as to give them the opportunity to express their opinions on school life.

The Year 7 and Year 8 breakfasts took place on consecutive Mondays, and many interesting points were raised during the informal discussions.  On the whole, pupils were very positive about their school experiences, and cited a great number of aspects that they feel the school does well.  Included in this list were:

  • Good working relationships with teachers and support staff
  • Pupils feel they are listened to and treated fairly
  • Lessons are well planned and fun
  • Interesting events and activities throughout the year
  • Show My Homework works well
  • School food has improved

On aspects that pupils would like to see changed, comments ranged from improvements to playground facilities to stricter adherence to homework schedules.  It was useful to hear pupils’ views, so that they can be considered when planning for the future.

The breakfasts were an enjoyable start to the week for both pupils and staff, and it was heartening to hear that pupils had so many positive experiences of school to share.