Shakespeare Week!

The final week at school this term was Shakespeare Week.  Kindergarten found magical ways to explore the story of The Tempest, including creating their very own tempest in a bottle in their Science lesson. The children made potions whilst learning about capacity, empty and full.  In the role play area, pupils created an island with sand and rock pools and even a galleon. Circus skills featured in their PE lessons and in outdoor play. The children explored plate spinning, juggling, stilt walking, diablos and other skills games you would see at the fun fair.

The Junior pupils were treated to a one man performance the play the Tempest, and Poppy in Year 6 told us what she thought.

“During Shakespeare Week, we were told by Mr Dograr that were going to watch a one man play about one of Shakespeare’s plays: The Tempest. The actor’s name was Antony Glenn. The first thing I saw was his poster. The hall was filled with props. I was expecting something funny and educational! Then he walked in. I could see that he was ready to start the show. Other classes came in and the show was about to begin…

Before long, it started. He gave us a sample of what he might do to volunteers. He asked Amber to help him demonstrate some moves.  When Amber sat down, he asked Jan to be a flash and shout ‘Flash!’ whenever he called Jan’s name. Then, Jasmine was asked to say ‘Boom!’ as soon as Jan shouted.  We were setting the scene for a storm.

On went the show. Around the middle of it, I got to be the character Miranda and had to marry prince Ferdinand, who was acted by Mert! The show finished and everyone cheered and clapped. It was a very good show.

I would definitely rate it 4 stars! It must have been really hard for Antony to do the show all by himself with only some volunteers to help. They made the show funnier. I enjoyed the performance very much and would definitely like to see him again.  I loved being a part of the show and being Miranda. ”

After watching the play, the pupils were inspired to create some Shakespeare inspired art. Alicia, also in Year 6, describes one of the activities.

“On Friday 13 March, our class (Year 6) used buttons to create Shakespeare’s characters.  My group included Jan, Konrad, George and I. We were designing Shakespeare’s portrait. Jan drew Shakespeare’s outline so that we could see the lines.  The resources we used were a rectangular piece of cloth (to stick buttons on), colourful buttons and PVA glue.

Firstly, we ordered the buttons into colours so it would be easier to find different shades.  After a while, we finished sorting and started to place the buttons onto the cloth.  We all did different sections of it to be quicker. I started with the hair, which we did in red.  Jan did the feet and George did the body.  Eventually, we all completed our parts and did the face quickly.  At the very end, we got the glue and stuck the buttons carefully, slightly apart from each other.

At the end, it turned out better than I thought, and it was really fun! It took a long time, but it was worth it.”