Year 1 Shakespeare Week

Year 1 were rapt with the riveting performance of The Tempest. The Tempest is a play about magic, betrayal, love and forgiveness. This was Year 1’s first experience of one of the playwright Shakespeare’s great works and it created a strong and lasting impression. The actor made excellent use of an enthusiastic audience to act out a retelling of the play. In such capable hands, the complicated plot was made much more easily understandable.

Year 1 looked at some of the imagery used in the play and decided to base their art work on the fairy sprite Ariel. In a key moment in the play, Ariel, alone with Prospero, turned himself into a humming bird, then a butterfly and then a winged unicorn. The children used the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian as inspiration to cover, in bright primary colours, a large cardboard unicorn. The children then used Kandinsky’s concentric circles to decorate a giant butterfly.  The overall effect was stunning and created an effective reminder of this play.  A few children decided to recreate Mondrian’s style of abstract geometric art using lego bricks.