Year 5 Science Experiments

As part of their home learning in Science the Year 5 children were experimenting with the ‘Magic of Water’. They made colours appear, made arrows change direction and made water travel from one glass to another through a tissue! We have some excellent mini Scientists here, please see Nicolas’ summary below:

“In our first science experiment we folded a kitchen towel in half, then on the top half we drew a design in black and white. This went through the paper, so on the bottom half we coloured it in. Then we went back to the black and white side, put in the water and the colour came through! I really enjoyed this experiment and I learnt that we can send ink through paper by water!

In our second experiment we drew two arrows horizontally facing the same way. Then we put a glass in front of the piece of paper and we filled it up until it reached the arrow lowest to the ground; then we realised that the arrow was facing the other way! I found this experiment enjoyable and I would definitely want to try and do it again sometime. I learnt that something can change when it’s in front of a glass that is full of water because of the curve of the glass!

In our final experiment we got two glasses and filled one up halfway. After that, we got a kitchen roll and rolled it up like a whip. We put the end of the kitchen roll in one side of the water and we tipped over until all the water had gone into the other glass! I found this experiment amazing and I learnt that we can also send water through paper alone!

My favourite one was the first experiment because it struck me and I was shocked with the result.”