Normanhurst Pupils Celebrate VE Day

Pupils at Normanhurst did not let the quarantine cancel their VE Day celebrations this year. From making cakes and bunting, to singing in the street, the pupils celebrated in style from home. As well as sending in photos of their creations and parties, many pupils sent in research projects on rationing, unsung war heroes, information about how VE Day is celebrated in different parts of Europe and designed their own medals too. A lot of house points were given out for all the efforts the children made. Here is what Dylan and Nicolas in Year 5 got up.


“Last Friday, the 8th May 2020, was the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. For such an important day, many gatherings and events were planned in the whole country, but COVID-19 changed it all.

It was a bank holiday, and my parents were off work, so we got up quite late and had breakfast together. A real treat of pancakes, which is my dad’s speciality.

After that, at 11am, we were silent for 5 minutes to honour the soldiers and all the brave people who gave their life up to fight in the war, and gave us all the freedom that we can enjoy today.

Shortly after, we got some snacks and went for a long walk in the forest. It was a very sunny day, and we could see insects and birds buzzing happily and little tadpoles swimming impatiently across the pond. We sat down and observed nature for a long while.

Afterwards, we continued our expedition, and found some shelters built in the forest, and we could imagine ourselves spending the night inside, if we were soldiers in the war. We also rolled down the hills and laughed out loud with excitement feeling the tickly grass on our skin.

All of a sudden, we bumped into John and Elizabeth, who were having a stroll with their dad, and we couldn’t believe our eyes. It was definitely the highlight of my day.

Lastly, we went back home and all our neighbours were out in the street, having picnics and tea in their front garden, with beautiful flags and bunting waving in the breeze . It was nice to see everyone coming together, even though in a different way to what we all had originally planned, enjoying the little things that we still have in our life, and trying to make all those soldiers proud.”


“Today is a very special day. It is VE Day! VE Day marks he day Europe ended WWII. The only difference is this VE Day we were in quarantine. It is the 75th anniversary and there were plans for big celebrations up and down the country. There would have been parades, dancing, fireworks and concerts. However, disappointingly, they were all cancelled due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Instead, on a beautiful sunny day, people celebrated in their own gardens with barbeques, street parties and lots of special programs on TV.

Myself, I had pancakes for breakfast, a barbeque for lunch and joined our street party. It was so hot, we got to swim in our garden’s pool. At the end of the evening, we all sat in the living room and watched a special speech from Queen Elizabeth II. I quite enjoyed the speech because it reminded me that life is hard but we must stay strong and together we will get through the tough times. Everything shall pass and ‘the streets are not empty, they are filled with the love and care we have for each other’.

I enjoyed this VE Day and I hope that I can celebrate the 80th anniversary out of lockdown!”