3P Activities

This half term, Year 3 have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptian times and what it was like for those that lived during this period. During this topic Year 3 have had the chance to learn about the mummification process as well as make their very own Canopic Jars. It has been lovely to see all of the children getting involved in home learning and live zoom lessons. Elizabeth in particular enjoyed creating her Canopic Jars and is now using them to store small items such as rubbers and hair bands, a little different to how they were used in Ancient Egyptian times. Jake has decided to take his learning further and make ever bigger Canopic Jars.

This term in art, Year 3 have been learning all about a famous artist called Henri Matisse. They spent their first lesson researching all about the famous artist, and some of the facts that they found where very interesting. Dylan  found out that Matisse was in fact very good friends with Picasso. Having learnt all about Matisse Year 3 had a go at recreating the very famous art work by Matisse, called ‘The Snail’, which Aarush was able to identify just from seeing the image. The work which 3P created was wonderful, they all used a new technique known as ‘panting with scissor’s which they loved. Ewan in particular enjoyed creating his version of The Snail.

3P have enjoyed lots of fun during form time whilst home learning. Along with weekly scavenger hunts, story time, and show and tell, they have taken part in a variety of other activities. These have included creating an item of clothing out of a bin bag, building a tower out of playing cards, guessing an item with Yes of No questions, drawing and writing whilst blind folded and also playing bingo. The whole class have loved being able to communicate over Zoom!

By Miss Prebble