Year 2’s Learning Activities

Year 2 have been working really hard across all of their topics recently. Well done Year 2!

In Year 2, the children are covering the topic of teeth in PSHE. They were incredibly lucky to have Freddie’s mum, who is a hygienist to discuss all things teeth on Zoom including showing an x-ray scan, how disclosing solution shows plaque on the teeth (using Freddie as an example) and things that are good or bad for our teeth. Year 2 had a wonderful lesson and all learnt a lot.

The children have been looking at an artist called Keith Haring, famous for his pop art and graffiti-like work. They then replicated his work and created some wonderful art. Well done Year 2!

Pupils have enjoyed their weekly science experiments. These have included predicting if an item will sink of float, then making a boat out of tin foil and seeing how many coins it will hold. We also investigated different materials that would make a good boat and tried a few out. The children also made a lava lamp and discussed the density of different liquids and how that affects. We have also discussed a very topical subject-germs and completed an experiment with bread. The children had to see the effect of touching the bread with dirty unwashed hands and clean hands. They observed the bread over the week to see the changes made to the different types of bread.

Mrs Allen’s English class worked on a book called ‘The Bear and the Piano’. The children completed a variety of activities on the book. One of these activities was imagining they were the bear in the story and writing to an ‘Agony Bear’ about the difficult decision they were having to make about whether to go to the city and play the piano or stay in the forest with the other bears. The children then got to write a reply to someone elses letter, imagining they were the ‘agony bear’. There were some really thoughtful and heartfelt replies.