Year 1 Lego Inventions

Year 1 have been having fun with lego in a new socially distanced way. They used their imagination to make some fantastic creations. Below they describe what they have made:

Zakariya:  I have got an army station with the weapons inside which has a force field around protecting it and anything that tries to attack the force-field will bust it back. The dinosaur helps with the security cameras and the little one controls the weapons.

Irina: I made a bomb station and inside there are people with bombs and the dinosaurs are looking at it all.

Emran: The dinosaurs and the sonics are protecting the gems in the shooting station. You can control it by pushing the button down and it shoots very strong lasers.

Emily: I made a home for this girl and this pterodactyl. This is the pterodactyl’s bed and while no one is watching the laser can shoot while they are asleep it and shoots baddies.

Enis: It is an army boat and it can destroy anything in the world.

Noah-Hussain: This is a sonic and his house. He is making popcorn with fire.