Reception Activities

Reception have had a fun few weeks settling back in to school.

They have enjoyed lots of crafty activities such as creating self-portraits with loose parts. They have also enjoyed reading the story of ‘Bog Baby’ and created their own Bog Baby out of clay. They explored the bog that was created in the classroom with shells, playdough and leaves.

In Maths, the children have explored numbers in different ways as well as enjoying practical outdoor learning lessons. One of these lessons included exploring capacity, thinking about full and empty. They played a game using different containers to fill up a bucket as well as exploring the musical sounds of bottles filled with different levels of water. They also went on a number hunt on the local high street to see where they could find numbers and to show that numbers are all around.

The children have used playdough to create various objects, their name as well as using it to join in with ‘dough disco’.

Reception have started a new story – Robin Hood. As part of this, the children worked together to create a castle out of a cardboard box which they enjoyed playing in afterwards. They even created a drawbridge.

They have also really enjoyed their Friday afternoon walks with Kindergarten and Year 1. Pupils found a Bog Baby and also went through the ‘magical tree’. The parachute also came out for some fun and games on the plains.