Celebrating Black History Month in Early Years

For Black History Month, Early Years were given the inventor of the traffic light, Garrett Morgan, to research and find out about.

They found lots of creative ways to make traffic lights and link the learning to colours and sequencing. Pupils made a tasty afternoon snack using red, amber and green vegetables, explored the sequence of the lights and then went on to use them in a road role play game with the ride on cars. The youngest children also sorted bears into three colours.

Early Years were able to think about road safety and read a story called ‘Orange’, where the children were introduced to Stop, Go and Get ready! It was an opportunity to find out the meaning of the different coloured lights. They learnt that there are different lights for drivers and pedestrians but that everyone must obey the rules to keep safe. Pupils then played games in the garden area where they carefully followed the Stop! Get ready! Go! instructions.

On Friday afternoon, they took a walk along Station Road and found the traffic lights. They watched the sequence carefully and how the traffic was controlled by the lights.

Back at school, pupils used the remote control cars along a road to see what happens with and without the traffic lights to help them.

Early Years had a lot of fun during their learning and learnt lots! Well done everyone!