Jasmine’s Book Donations

Jasmine in Year 6 had donated over a 100 books to Normanhurst to share her love of reading with other children!

Jasmine described her generous action with her own words: “When I did a spring clean in my room and looked through my old books, I thought they could be very useful for younger children. They were the books that I had collected over the years and had already read. I looked after them well and they are all in good condition, so I wanted them to be read by more children. It is my first book donation to my school. I usually share my books with my friends and family and sometimes I give them to charity shops. This time, I thought it would be a good idea to share my books with the children of Normanhurst. I’m feeling very proud because I know that children will enjoy the books that I had enjoyed reading. I really hope that they find them interesting and fun to read. I would encourage  other children to share their old books so that more and more children can enjoy all the stories.”

Thank you Jasmine!