Year 5 Acquire 300 Million Year Old Class Pets In New Science Study!

Year 5 are studying Life Cycles in Science this term and have been given the opportunity to study the life cycle of a prehistoric aquatic animal in great detail. The Year 5’s have set up a tank in the classroom for Triops (pronounced try-ops) to live in. Triops are a small crustacean and are considered living fossils, dating back to around 300 million years ago. The Year 5’s are responsible for keeping the tank aerated and clean and also feeding the Triops their food. The Triops have already hatched out of their eggs and are growing every day! Here is what the Year 5’s have to say:

Bella – At first, I did not know what they were, but now I am happy because they hatched after one day and they just keep growing bigger! They are cooler than just a normal goldfish!

William – When I was looking in the tank, I saw a really fast triop!

Felix – I was very surprised to find out they double in size every day until they are fully grown.