Normanhurst Celebrate Earth Day!

Last Thursday, the 22nd of April, reception to Year 6 all celebrated Earth day through a variety of activities. Earth Day is an annual event held on the 22nd of April every year to demonstrate support for environmental protection, this year’s theme is ‘Restore the Earth’. The children had great fun learning all about Earth day and the way in which we can support our earth and the environment.


Reception children created a world by using handprints cut out, they enjoyed this very much.


Year 1 had lots of fun learning ways to be less wasteful and have each committed to do 1 thing to help the earth. They wrote about this in their art activity. Poyraz commits to “not cut down all the trees on Earth because then we will not have fresh air and not hurt the earth”. Shalini commits to “not use that much water and to not use that much paper”. Elise commits to “use less plastic and paper because we have only one Earth and I promise to recycle”. Finally Maya commits to “take care of the word because there is only one Earth”.


In Year Two, the children found out about why Earth Day is celebrated and how long it has been celebrated for. We discussed four particular issues that the Earth is facing: plastic pollution, deforestation, pollution and global warming. In their pairs, the children then identified ways that we can help reduce the impact of the four problems. Later on, the children enjoyed a craft activity in which they created their own Earth using a paper plate and tissue paper.


Year 3 completed a series of activates throughout the afternoon in maths, science and art, all linked to Earth day. They started their afternoon by looking at a presentation that explained the importance of Earth day and why it should be recognised and celebrated, they also learnt all about renewable energy, climate change and how to reduce/reuse/recycle. Year 3 all created a piece of artwork to represent the reasons why they love planet earth and ways to protect the earth. They really enjoyed this activity as it gave them the opportunity to carefully think about how they feel towards the earth. Year 3 were also given the challenge to solve an Earth day riddle, using their mathematical knowledge of the 4 operations, ‘Why did the leaf go to the doctor?’… ‘because it was feeling green’. Some children enjoyed thinking about items they can recuse/reduce and recycle, lots of children has said they will try to reuse items like lunch boxes an water bottles.


Year 4 spent their afternoon creating artwork and writing poems for a wonderful Earth day display. The children took their time to think about the importance Earth day and why we should work hard to protect the Earth. We made commitments on how we wish to protect the Earth. Aarush commits to’ turn off the lights when the sun rises”. Nathaniel commits to “have a meat free day”. Elizabeth commits to “shop more sustainably” and Aurora commits to “walk more”. We also spent the afternoon writing acrostic poems about Earth day.


In Year 5, we watched a video on earth day, went through a discussion based PowerPoint and had many debates over how to save the earth, we then created a collaborative art work project to promote the message reduce, recycle and reuse and then we also created acrostic poems.


Year 6 started the afternoon with a presentation about the Earth Day and found out more about it. They followed it with a fun word search and decorating their Humanities books. Second task was to write a poem encouraging everyone to leave behind a better planet for the future generations! Our third activity was a research task where children were asked to research some animals to find out if they were still alive or extinct. They also were asked to find out two facts about each animal they recorded on the sheet. We had a very informative day and we found out about different ways that we can help save our planet.


Overall the juniors had a really fun filled, informative afternoon all about Earth day and look forward to celebrating again next year.