Live Music Comes Back To School!

It was so lovely to welcome back our peripatetic teachers onto the school site after the Easter holidays.  Most of our students continued with their singing and instrumental lessons on Zoom whilst we were learning from home, but it was really lovely to go back to face to face learning.  We have ensured that all the lessons follow current guidelines, using large spaces and screens and it has been a joy to hear live music in the corridors.

Currently at Normanhurst we have over 25% of our students studying an instrument.  This ranges from children in Kindergarten following the “Introduction to Music” course up to students in Year 11 preparing for their GCSE music performance and grade exams, even to children studying music theory at lunchtime.  We offer lessons in voice, guitar, drums, piano, woodwind, brass, strings and music theory.

A number of students are preparing for music exams this summer and we wish them the very best of luck.

If you are interested in individual music lessons, please contact the office.