Maths Week In The Forest

Year 5 and 6 went outdoors to complete a Maths challenge as part of our Maths week at Normanhurst.

In different teams, they were asked to use natural materials that they could find on the floor to make two different 2D shapes. One with a perimeter of 9m and another with an area of 8.5 m squared.

All the teams worked hard in order to collect anything they deemed useful for the task. They also used their estimation skills in order to work out the measurements. We were aiming to award the groups whose work would be nearest to the requirements; however, two teams matched the exact measurements with their impressive estimation skills.

Miss Stone and Mr Dograr measured their final design to announce the winning teams.

It was extremely fun to celebrate our Maths week outdoors and to be active at the same time. Many groups received house points for their efforts and their final designs.