ISA Composition Competition

We are very proud of 5 of our pupils who entered the ISA composition competition in April.  The results have just been announced and we were delighted that Lucy was awarded a “Highly Commended” place for her violin concerto.

The competition was adjudicated by Flora Curzon, a Modern and Baroque violinist, who had this to say about our young composers:

Lachlan: Wonderfully bold throughout. Excellent use of the Dominant 7th chord resolving to the tonic. It feels to me like an ending of a big musical journey.

Kayce: Very fairy-like in the range chosen to compose with on the piano, especially with the swirling cadenza passage on the piano. Played with great musical intention and excellent dynamics.

Reuben: A well composed piece with excellent use of the opening motif, a strong sense of harmony, and a clear ABA form. A bold choice of instruments.

Nneka: Good choice of instruments for this very chromatic piece. I really enjoyed the unusual harmonic progression here and their contrast with more traditional classical phrase lengths.

Lucy: An excellent composition with a good harmonic progression, clear structure, interweaving contrapuntal lines, and a well formed and developed theme in the ritornelli sections. Well written for each instrument- well done.