Samba Celebration At Normanhurst!

On Tuesday 15th Mr Liam McCloud from Waltham Forest Music Service came to Normanhurst to run a Samba Workshop.

He worked with children from Y6, 7 and 8 and with our music GCSE students.  The students had a great time, learning about Samba music, the instruments and playing techniques.  They were able to learn a basic Samba rhythm and lots of breaks.  They learnt how to follow a Samba leader and prepare a performance moving between different sections and at the end of their session they got to show what they had learned to some of the juniors and staff.

The whole school reverberated with the sound of the drums, it was a wonderful opportunity to play together in an ensemble.

Here is what some of our Year 7s had to say:

“I learnt the drum names and lots more, I played the Caixa.  I found it fun to perform to the Juniors.”  Mert.

“This truly brilliant performance helped the school feel normal again.  It helped us understand the culture of Brazil and it was magical.  I played the surdo and it was magnificent and it was so fun.  I’d like to say a big thank you to Mr McCloud for coming in to teach us, it was such an amazing thing to bring the school together.”  Charlie

“I really enjoyed the samba lesson.  I learnt all the names for the instruments and I enjoyed practising and how it all came together as a group to make great music.  It was a lot of fun.” Gabija

“In the samba workshop, I played the surdo.  I loved it because we were doing something together.  I loved performing to Kindergarten and seeing them smile.”  Rosa