Humanities Week

Year Two had a brilliant Humanities Week, learning more about how we can help to protect our Planet and reduce our carbon footprints. The children enjoyed an assembly at the beginning of the week, which introduced them to how important it is to make sure that we put our rubbish in the correct bins.

On Tuesday, Year Two had an exciting, interactive workshop with Katherine Wheatley, the author of Carbon Monster and The Not So Green Queen. During the workshop, the children discovered how long it takes for different objects to biodegrade and also wrote a Kenning poem about the Carbon Monster.

Throughout the week, the children created several pieces of art work using recycled materials. On Friday morning, Year Two enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine, up to the forest, where they worked in groups to design and create a nature picture using the objects and materials they found in the forest. One group designed their own recycling centre, which had different areas for the various types of rubbish, and another group created a giant recycling symbol using twigs.

During the week, the children also wrote their own ‘Sustainability Pledge’, they each identified a way that they can help to reduce their carbon footprint and help to save the world. Overall, Year Two had a fantastic week and are all now keen ‘Green Champions’!