Black History Month 2021

This week, as part of our Black History Month celebrations, Year 4 have been learning more about the mathematician Katherine Johnson and her amazing achievements. First, the students researched Katherine on the iPads and created fact files about her life. After that, they worked as groups to discuss why Katherine Johnson was “Proud to Be” and then shared their posters with the rest of the class.

Year 6 looked in more depth at the history in the UK. They found out about important people such as: Septimus Severus, a Roman Emperor, Mary Seacole, a nurse in the Crimean War, John Archer, the first mayor in London and Dianne Abbott, Paul Boateng and Bernie Grant who were all MPs. In addition to this, they had discussions about the Black History Month Celebratory news stories on Newsround each day and gathered together some research on Martin Luther King. They then produced posters on why they believed Martin a Luther asking was proud to be himself. They have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about this special month.