Floral and Fancy at the William Morris Gallery

Year 5 pupils visited the William Morris Gallery during the first week back after the half term holidays. They have been learning about the local area in Humanities and they further extended their learning by studying a local artist ‘William Morris’.

The workshop started with an informative session where a lot of information and facts were shared about William Morris. There were samples of his designs and some printing tools for the class to explore and study closely. They learnt that William was a very talented artist and had done a lot of work in carpet and wallpaper designing, furniture making, painting and architecture.

Pupils then designed their own patterns inspired by William’s work and used a printing tool to bring their creative designs to life! It was an interactive session lead by another local artist. After the printing workshop, the class were treated to a guided tour of William’s house (now a gallery) and learnt many facts about William, his hobbies and his family.

Since then, Year 5 have completed numerous artwork inspired by William’s main theme: Nature.