Year 5 & 6 Learn About The Blitz

On Armistice Day, our Year 5 and 6 pupils were visited by the Museum of London and had an interactive workshop about the Blitz.


They experienced life during the Blitz from the eyes of Connie, who was a teenager at the time. They used various resources such as video interviews with Connie, photographs from her childhood and other artefacts to act as detectives to find clues and gather information about Connie and her family.


We were surprised to find out how drastically life was affected by the bombings and how every day was a different struggle; however, the community spirit was never lost and everyone worked together in to overcome the difficulties. We were extremely pleased to find out that after all the difficulties she had to endure, Connie found happiness and married a soldier, with whom she spent 70 happy years! Another interesting aspect was that, when children were shown photographs of rationing queues in London during WWII, they could empathise with those children as our we have experienced something similar during our lockdowns!


At the end, they shared their findings with others after each group investigated different aspects of Connie’s life.


It was a heart-breaking yet very informative session to enhance children’s understanding of WWII with an engaging workshop led by a professional from the Museum of London.