Year 6 Anderson Shelters

Over the half-term break, Year 6 continued their learning on the History topic and were given the task to research and build a model of a World War Two Anderson Shelter. The Year 6 pupils did not disappoint! They had the freedom to choose size and material and the variety of shelters was impressive. The shelters had to pass a series of 3 tests given by Miss Stone. The first test was that the shelter had to be big enough for a LEGO person to fit through the door, the second test was the shelter had to be able to withstand the weight of a 1KG weight and the third and final test was being able to be tipped upside down without anything falling off or out of the shelter. After some nerve wracking moments, all of the shelters passed the tests! The Year 6 pupils were very pleased with their builds and could go onto a career in model building!