Year 4’s Fantastic Science Week!

We’re taking a look back at year 4’s amazing fun packed Science week last term. The children well and truly got into the spirit of the experiments and activities.

They were lucky enough to view the chicks developing daily over the week. Each day the children had the opportunity to hold the chicks and understand the life cycle from fertilized egg to baby fluffy chick. Toward the end of this week, the children commented on how leggy and large they have got!

A real treat was the arrival of a new class pet, giant African snails! Miss Sainsbury kindly brought these in from home. They had a fun afternoon of holding the babies and viewing the adults from their tanks. Miss Sainsbury was able to explain what the snails feed on (cucumber and cuttlefish) and tell the children that adults can reach 20cm in length when fully grown!

Finally, they undertook a wonderful trip to the Science Museum. The pupils visited a Greek, Science and Wisdom exhibition and watched a workshop called ‘Feel the Force’. They were also given plenty of opportunities to visit every floor of the museum, taking in every interesting corner.

It was a fantastic week with the benefit of endless hands-on learning opportunities!