Year 4 Visit Colchester Castle

On Tuesday 17th May, Year 4 embarked on their journey to Colchester to visit the infamous Castle. During their day at Colchester Castle, the children had the opportunity to explore the museum, investigating and observing a variety of artefacts including ancient vases, coins, and kitchenware. The children were tasked with the challenge to work as a team to build either an Iron Age Round House or a Roman Villa. They showed some fantastic collaborative working skills and were very proud of their building efforts. Further to this, the children visited the prisons in the Castle; several commented on the sudden change in temperature as they were in the eerie prison area!

Finally, they had the opportunity to go down into the basement area of the Castle, which is 10m under the ground; whilst in the underground rooms, the children were given a very engaging, informative, and interactive talk about the history surrounding Colchester Castle and the Romans. The children discovered that the basement area was the only part of the original Roman Temple which survived the fires that Boudicca caused when she attacked and destroyed the capital of Roman Britain, Camulodunum (Colchester), in the first battle of the Iceni Rebellion.

All in all, it was a fantastic learning opportunity and the children had a brilliant day at the Castle!