Oak-Tree Challenge Silver Award

Sofia completed the Silver Oak Tree Challenge award. As part of the challenge, she had 3 different parts to complete. For outdoor pursuits, Sofia decided to canoe on the River Wye, try indoor climbing, and have an indoor ski session. For the residential challenge, she went on a camping weekend, put up a tent, cooked on a stove, and Sofia’s favourite part, roasting marshmallows on the fire. The final challenge was a fundraising event. Sofia planned a collection of different items for a charity called ‘Friends of Ukraine’ based in Highams Park. Impressively Sofia collected a boot full of food, medicine, sleeping bags, diapers, baby food, and essentials that could help people in need in Ukraine. “Ever since I can remember, I have always been involved in charity events and activities with my family. My parents have taught me that you can change the world through kindness and our life is more meaningful if we share what we have with others. I think that if we help just one other person, our life is already worth it.” What a fantastic attitude to have at such a young age! We are very proud of all of Sofia’s achievements.

Elizabeth completed the silver award in the Oak Tree Challenge. To complete the challenge, she bravely took on BMX biking and loved it! Luckily she was able to do a sleepover with her guides and had fun teaching her friends how to do a backflip! To raise money for charity, Elizabeth decided to do people’s hair in different hairstyles. She learnt different hairstyles including a dutch braid and enjoyed doing up different people’s hair! Miss Stone kept it in for the whole day. “My challenge was to get 10 people, I got eleven which was even better!” Elizabeth raised £100 for Young Minds.