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Year 2 Collaborative Art

Year 2 worked to complete this collaborative piece of artwork. Each child and adult completed a piece to create one large piece of Art. It was a really fun project to work on and the results are so colourful!

Year 8 – Studying Reactions

Pupils in Year 8 have been studying the Chemistry topic of ‘Reactions’. They have carried out many practicals where they have had the opportunity to investigate different types of reaction. One practical saw them investigate the combustion of different fuels. Pupils were able to compare the rate of combustion between…

Oak-Tree Year 3 & 4 Football Tournament

A huge well done to Year 3 & 4 who demonstrated some excellent football and teamwork on Friday 15 February at the Oak-Tree Football and Netball Tournament at Peter May. Congratulations to our Coopersale Hall team who were our overall winner! See the full gallery of photos HERE. 

Year 2 Trip to Epping Forest

On Monday 11 February all of Year 2 travelled to ​Epping Forest to extend their learning about living things and their habitats, a topic the children have been learning about in Science. The day began with the children taking part in some pond dipping. They found some very interesting creatures such…

Mayan Top Trumps

The Year 5’s have been learning about how the Mayan civilisation were ruled and their social hierarchy. The children had a comprehension style task about the Mayan laws and ruling during this time. After this they then played ‘Mayan Top Trumps’! They had cards with all the different roles/jobs that…

Inspiring Class Assemblies

We have had a number of fantastic class assemblies recently! Year 2G did their class assembly all about ‘Recycling’, as this was a topic that they had learnt about in Science. It was a topic they all felt quite passionate about. The class read the story of the Messy Magpie…

Year 3 & 4 Perimeter and Area

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about ‘Perimeter and Area’ in their Maths lessons. They have been designing their own dream houses to calculate the perimeter, and playing a game to see who can fill the most area on their page!

A Visit from Iain Duncan Smith MP

Today we were delighted to welcome our local MP and friend to the school, Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith to visit our School Council. The pupils listened as he spoke about his role as a Member of Parliament for Chingford and Woodford Green. They were excited to hear all about…