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Science Week 2021

British Science Week this year ran from 8 to 15 March, and so coincided with the week that the students came back in to school.  The theme was ‘Innovating for the Future’, and the students were welcomed back on site with a whole host of activities and competitions. Kindergarten: In…

Easter Bunny Runs in PE

On the lead up to Easter, some of Junior pupils enjoyed a special PE lesson. Donning their bunny ears, they took part in a series of activities and ‘bunny runs’ designed to get their fitness levels up. The Easter accessories certainly added a bit of fun to the lesson.

Dinosaurs in Reception!

The Reception children had a fun-filled week learning all about dinosaurs. They explored the size of different dinosaurs. They thought about the size of a T-Rex foot, and drew this on the floor. We could fit 14 children on the foot! The children also thought about the tail of a…

Year 5 Covid Reflection

Tuesday 23 March, one year after the UK went into the initial Lockdown, the Marie Curie Charity encouraged people from all over the UK to reflect on the tragic loss of life experienced over the last year and to support those who are grieving. Marie Curie chose to use the…

Newsletter March 2021

Read our packed March newsletter. Although the pupils have only been back at school for a few weeks, you can see from the newsletter how much they have all got up to both at home and in school.

Number Bonds in Reception

In Maths, Reception have been doing lots of work on number bonds to 10 and writing number sentences. The children have explored this using Numicon, Lego and hands on paper in order to find out lots of different ways of making 10.


The children have loved being back in School with their friends. We have been doing some work on a book called ‘Spinderella’ by Julia Donaldson. The children have really enjoyed playing with the creepy crawlies and doing lots of activities involving spiders including making spider biscuits and making spider hats.

Year 2 Enjoy Hot Crossed Buns

Year 2 have been learning about the Easter Story in RE this half term. This week, they discussed different symbols of Easter, including the Hot Cross Bun. They all had the chance to try a Hot Cross Bun during snack time and discussed how the cross symbolises the crucifix.

Lego Building

During Science Week Reception learnt about building structures and making them secure. They used Lego to build their own structures and had a lot of fun in the process! Lego teaches various soft skills that will shape the way that children work and interact with others including, creative thinking, teamwork,…

Sweet Structures

One morning during Science Week the challenge in Reception class was to create a structure using biscuits, chocolate fingers and melted chocolate as the glue. Everyone was very creative and all structures were different. The pupils enjoyed seeing the melted chocolate turn from a liquid to a solid and to…