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ISA Film & Digital Art Competition Winner

The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is held annually. It is a fantastic opportunity to use both creative and technical skills combined to produce art works in the digital genre. The three categories, Computer Animation, Short Film and Digital Art offer a range of ways for pupils to explore…

GCSE Presentation Evening 2019

Normanhurst School was delighted to welcome back the class of 2019 to receive their GCSE certificates just before the half term. The evening was an opportunity to celebrate the great achievements made by pupils in the summer exams. Two special awards were presented on the night to acknowledge and celebrate…

Madrid Football and Cultural Tour 2019

Last week some of our pupils, along with some Braeside pupils, enjoyed a packed week in the city of Madrid. Everyone took part in a huge range of activities as they explored this vibrant city. You can read more about their adventure and see the full gallery of photos HERE. 

Year 11 Titration Studies

Year 11 Triple Scientists have been studying the Quantitative Chemistry topics in their lessons. Part of the content included carrying out a titration as one of their required practicals, which is part of their GCSE course. Pupils titrated an acid to a known volume of base in order to precisely…

All Aboard the Floating Classroom

Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful experience aboard a floating classroom on London’s waterways. This was a fun, imaginative and engaging learning experience that allowed Year 2 to explore the local area in a unique way while also having a few lessons on board! There are many sessions available for pupils,…

An Interactive Look at the Nervous System

Year 10 Triple Scientists have been studying the nervous system, in particular focusing on the brain and the eye. Pupils had the opportunity to dissect an eye in order to further their knowledge and identify parts including the retina, lens and cornea.

Year 2 Cross Country Event

This term some of the Year 2 pupils went to Peter May to take part in a cross country competition against other schools. The Normanhurst children all ran very well around the course and tried their best. Francesco came 6th in the boys race and Kehanique came 15th in the…

Creating Potometres

Pupils in Year 10 have been studying the organisation of plants, and were able to make their own potometers. A potometer is a device used for measuring the rate of water uptake of a leafy plant shoot. A simple but very effective model!