Whole School Inspection March 2015

In March 2015 the Independent Schools Inspectorate spent a week visiting Normanhurst to inspect our provision.

We were delighted to read the numerous comments in the report that support and acknowledge the many positive achievements Normanhurst has made in recent years as we were judged to be ‘Excellent’ and/or ‘Outstanding’ in nine out of eleven categories.  With such rigorous criteria for inspections nowadays this is a far higher standard than the national trend.  Some quotes that are particularly worth noting are as follows:

  • The school is extremely successful in fulfilling its aim to build a happy, family environment that cultivates courtesy, respect and responsibility.
  • The school provides an excellent curriculum which is adapted extremely well to the needs and aptitudes of the pupils.
  • There are excellent standards of behaviour at all levels within the school.
  • Excellent relationships between staff and pupils contribute significantly to the quality of the teaching.
  • Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent.
  • Staff provide excellent pastoral care. Teachers know their pupils extremely well and provide excellent support and advice.
  • Pupils particularly value the small class sizes, which ensure that they receive individual attention.
  • The school has a highly favourable ratio of staff to pupils, with access to a good range of educational resources.
  • The quality of leadership and management is excellent.
  • From the EYFS onwards, there is an extremely high level of satisfaction with the education that the school provides.
  • The EYFS is outstanding at meeting the needs of the range of children who attend.
  • EYFS children behave exceptionally well, learn to share, and show evident happiness and enjoyment in school.
  • The overall quality and standards of the early years provision are outstanding.